Website Audits

A quality Website Review provides a quick return on investment. By identifying your site’s weaknesses, you’ll be able to fix issues and start improving sales.

Your website is the most convenient way for people to learn about your business. To most visitors your website IS your business. If users don’t find it an engaging experience, many will move on to your competitors and never come back.

This is an area where technology, marketing and psychology come together.

We can provide a comprehensive audit that can help your business in several ways.

Quick Return on Investment

Increase Sales

A website that removes barriers, anticipates the users’ next move and leads users to the sale will create more sales and higher profits. Our audits help you identify weak links in your chain and convert more visitors into customers.

Engage Your Users

When website visitors find poor navigation, outdated content, and no answers to their questions, they move on to the next site. Identifying these problems and correcting them translates into more sales and more satisfied customers.


Your site may be excluding a lot of people. If your site isn’t designed to accommodate people with disabilities, people on mobile devices, people without javascript enabled, people who are distracted or have short attention spans, people with slow internet connections, people with eyes over 45 years old and more, they won’t become customers.


Your website is often the first and only view of your company most users will ever see.  Your website should represent your company in the best light. We’ll make sure the technology is up-to-date, it’s using modern best practices and give a good impression of your company.

What the Review Includes

Your review evaluates your website in several different categories. You’ll get the results showing where your website performs well and where improvements are needed. You’ll also get a roadmap explaining what needs to be fixed. Your in-house team can use the list to fix any issues or we can give you a quote to take care of it.

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