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Hosting + Maintenance

We'll take care of your website so you can focus on your business.

Your website is important to the success of your business yet it doesn't take much to bring it down. Corrupted software, a hacker, server failures, outdated software, or someone accidentally deleted something they shouldn't have: your website is vulnerable in many different ways. And, when it goes down, it could cost you thousands of dollars to get it back up and days or weeks of downtime.

That's why you need a Care Plan. We'll take those worries away.


Multiple layers of security and scanning for malware keep your site clean.


We take the risk out of updating your software

Backed up

With a reliable backup, we can restore your website to any point in the last 90 days.

  • Managed Updates

    Updating your site yourself or enabling automatic updates can be risky. If you’re a Care Plan subscriber, we handle all of your updates. We use visual regression testing to make sure your website isn’t negatively impacted by an update. If a problem is detected during the test, we roll back the change using the snapshot we took just before making the change.

  • Nightly Off-Site Backups

    With full nightly backups, no matter what happens, we can restore your website to the last backup.
    Without a backup, there is little chance of restoring a broken website with great expense. And, if you are relying on the backup your host creates and stores on the same server as your site, you’ll have neither a website or a backup when your server fails.

  • Security Scans

    Every night, we scan the backup of your site for malware. If we find any malware, it is removed and the clean files replace the infected files on your site.

  • Firewall

    Our firewall watches for threats and blocks hackers from getting in. If a hacker gets to your website, we've protected your login screen and taken other measures to make it harder for them to get in.

  • 24/7 Monitoring

    Our uptime monitors check your website every 3 minutes. If your site is down, it lets us know and we go to work to fix it.

  • Reports

    Each month, you’ll receive a report with lot’s of information about what has happened on your website along with basic analytics information.

Hosting + Maintenance
Perfect for most websites
Daily Off-Site Backups
Managed Updates
Daily Malware Scan
Malware Removal
Performance Testing
Website Hardening
Login Screen Protection
Monthly Reports

$100 monthly

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Can I sign up for a maintenance plan, for a site that you didn't build?
Yes. However, we will need to do a Basic Technical Website Assessment before bringing your website onboard. This assessment is currently $200 and will search for performance problems, outdated software, vulnerabilities and other things that might need to be fixed. Some small problems will be fixed. If larger problems are found, we can discuss how best to proceed. Once the website is cleared, we can transfer it to our servers and bring it on board the maintenance plan.
Can I change to a different plan after I sign up?
Yes. Just let us know if you need to change your plan and we’ll adjust your billing plan.
Do I need a Care Plan if I only update my site once or twice a year?
Yes. In some ways, websites that are updated less frequently are even more vulnerable. They often accumulate outdated software that includes vulnerabilities that hackers look for. Problems may go unnoticed for a long time. By then, hackers may have already.
Why does WordPress need to be updated?
WordPress is software that runs websites. When vulnerabilities are discovered, updates will be made. Other updates add new features and functionality to the site.
Any software connected to the internet running outdated software is especially vulnerable to hackers.
What kind of updates are installed?
Each month, a typical Wordpress website will have a few updates for the core, plugins, and themes. Core software is the Wordpress software. Plugins are additions to the core software that add additional functions to the site. Themes control how the website looks.
Doesn't Wordpress offer automatic updates?
You may notice that Wordpress offers the option to automatically update plugins and themes. That might sound like a great idea, and you may even have good luck with it for a while if you don’t have very many plugins. As soon as there is a plugin update that conflicts with another plugin or your server software, your site will go down and you may not even know it for a long time. 
The way we update software allows us to be able to roll back any changes and track down the problem. That saves you from losing business while your website is down for hours or days.
I updated a plugin and now my site is broken.
This could be expensive. Typically, a website is most likely to go down when updating software. Plugins sometimes conflict with each other or with server software. These conflicts can take down a website and it can be hard to recover.
This is why you should leave the updates to us. When we update your site, a snapshot will be taken before making changes. If something goes wrong, we can roll it back quickly.
How often do you backup my website?
The Essential Website Care Plan include off-site backups every night to a secure, remote location. In addition to the nightly backups, the Advanced Care Plan also creates incremental backups as things change throughout the day. 
When you need a backup restored, just submit a support ticket and we’ll take care of that for you.
Is the entire site backed up?
Yes. Every file and the database. If it requires a restore, everything that was there at the last backup will be restored.
Can I change to a different plan after I sign up?
Yes. Every file and the database. If it requires a restore, everything that was there at the last backup will be restored.
My hosting plan includes backups so why would I need another backup?
You do need additional backups. Most hosts that back up a site will only keep 1 or two days worth of backup files. They also usually keep the backup on the same server as the website which means that if something happens to the server that your website is hosted on your backups are now gone as well. You are left with nothing. CKI Digital Care Plans include off-site backups. The Essential Plan keeps backups for 90 days while the Advanced plan keeps backups for one year.

In addition, the way our system works is that the complete off-site backup is scanned for malware instead of using your server resources. Backups are required to make this work.
Where are my backups stored?
Your backups are stored on Amazon AWS servers.
How often do you run malware scans?
Every night. Each night, your entire website will be backed up to an off-site location. This backup will be scanned for malware. This prevents a large load on your server. If the scan turns up any problems, the backup will be cleaned and your website will be completely replaced by the cleaned version.
Do you remove malware from my website if detected?
Yes. We put up a lot of barriers, but just in case a hacker gets through, the mess they make will be cleaned up. Every night, your off-site backup will be scanned for malware. If the scan turns up any problems, the backup will be cleaned and your website will be completely replaced by the cleaned version.
Where are you located?
We are located in the Chicago area. Central Standard Time.
What happens if my website goes down, is hacked, or is broken?
Contact us as soon as you notice. We will get to work restoring your website.
Because of our uptime monitors, we are alerted within 3 minutes of a website going down. We typically have your website fixed before you even notice it’s down.
If my website goes down, does CKI Digital offer compensation for loss of business?
While we do our best to fix problems and prevent them from happening, we can’t promise your website will never go down or be hacked. If you require business insurance, contact your insurance provider.
Am I locked into a contract?
No. You can cancel at any time. If you cancel, your services will stop at the end of the current billing period. We will continue to work on your site through the rest of the billing period.
What payment options do you offer?
You can securely checkout online, using your preferred debit or credit card. We don’t store any credit card details and all payments are processed by Stripe.
Can I pay annually instead of monthly?
Yes. During checkout, you will have the option to switch from monthly to annual.
Do you offer bulk discounts?
We offer discounts for 5 or more sites. Contact us for more information.
Do you manage WooCommerce websites?
Yes. Our Advanced Care Plan is specifically suited for maintaining ecommerce websites. These sites use more resources and require continuous backing up to prevent the loss of recent information.
How often do you check for uptime?
Our uptime monitor checks your website every 3 minutes. If it is down, we are notified immediately so we can investigate.
What is a Website Care Report?
As a Care Plan client, every month, we will send a report containing information about your website traffic, the updates we’ve installed, security data, backups and more.
What additional services do you offer?
We offer other digital marketing services that can help improve your website’s effectiveness. You can explore this website to find out more. We recommend starting with a website assessment. From there, we can help you determine what areas would most benefit from your investment.

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