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Website Design

Website design focused on higher conversion.

CKI Digital combines your company goals with your visitor's goals to design a website that's built for conversion.

It's common for companies to rebuild their website every 3 to 5 years. Not only is this very expensive, but each time, there is almost always a decrease in traffic and many other unexpected problems. This is not necessary. When built on a proper framework, a website can last for many years and can be kept up to date with incremental changes while continuing to perform better and better over time.

Our Process

CKI Digital Process Diagram


First, we get to know your company, your brand, your customers, your competitors, and your goals. You'll need to fill out some forms and take part in an online meeting to discuss various aspects of your brand. We'll examine your current website's structure, analytics, and performance. Then we will establish benchmarks.


Next, we take what we learn from the Discovery phase and establish a digital strategy designed to reach your goals by helping your website visitors reach their goals. 

This phase will end with your sign-off before proceeding. 

Wireframing & Prototyping

Based upon the strategy, we determine the pages you need and the basic look and feel of the website. It will include the overall website structure and navigation. You'll also see basic examples of how the website will look when it's completed for you to sign off on.

Testing & Building

This is the phase where the work of creating your website is done. We will work on a staging server that is not visible to the rest of the world. The prototype is user tested as it moves on to the design/development stage. As we create the website using current common practices, we do user testing until the website performs well for launch.


After we've completed the building/testing stage and you've signed off on the website, we will move the files to the live server for the world to see. We call this a Minimal Viable Website. It is a fully functional website that is ready to see how visitors use it.

Monitor & Refine

While some may think the job is finished now. We know that you can't judge the effectiveness of a website until it's live. Your website will include software that allows us to monitor how visitors use the website, what problems they have, and how well it performs. We will run A/B Tests to determine better solutions. We use all of this data to continuously improve the website.