A Quality Website Assessment Provides a Quick Return on Investment.

Fixing issues and improving sales starts with identifying your site's strengths and weaknesses.
Your website is the most convenient way for people to learn about your business. To most visitors, your website IS your business. If users don’t find your website informative, engaging and responsive, many will move on to your competitors and never return.
Understanding how to make your online presence better for both you and your visitors is difficult. This is where a balance of technology, marketing and psychology come together.
A comprehensive CKI Digital Website Assessment gives you the next steps to take to turn your website into a profit center. With several categories, it will help your business in several ways.

Business Benefits


People need to find you to become your customer. We identify SEO issues and performance issues that prevent people from discovering your website.


When website visitors find confusing navigation, outdated content, poor design, and no answers to their questions, they move on to the next site. Identifying these problems and correcting them translates into more sales and more satisfied customers.


Your website may exclude many people without you realizing it. We identify barriers to visitors becoming customers and reveal ways to nudge people in the right direction.

What the Assessment Includes

Your review evaluates your website in several different categories. You'll get the results showing where your website performs well and where improvements are needed. You'll also get a roadmap explaining what needs to be fixed. Your in-house team can use the list to fix any issues or we can give you a quote to take care of it.