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Predictive Eye Tracking

You have 4 seconds to catch your visitor's attention.
Do you know what they see?

Knowing where visitors look when visiting a webpage helps create a more effective and profitable website and is better for the viewer. Eye tracking allows us to see where viewers look when they see a web page. A good eye tracking study can reveal a lot about a design. That's why we use eye tracking to analyze sites.  The downside is that a typical study requires 40 or more participants and prices start at around $1,500.

Predictive Eye Tracking uses algorithms developed by analyzing over 30,000 actual eye-tracking studies. The results are computer generated studies that predict actual eye-tracking studies with over 90% accuracy. This can help produce website designs that out-perform other websites.

How It Works.

Predictive Eye Tracking Study on CKI Digital
In an actual eye-tracking study, we hire 40 participants and show each person a webpage for 4 seconds. Sensors watch where their eyes look and the computer generates an overlay image that shows the most gazed upon parts of the screen depicted with warm colors (like red) while the areas not noticed as much are shown with cooler colors (like blue). This is called a heat map.
Predictive Eye Tracking shows the same kind of heat map image. This one, however, is an AI-generated prediction of where people will look.

Get a Predictive Eye Tracking Study and find out what visitors see when they visit your homepage.

Order your predictive eye tracking study and get a better understanding of how people see your website. Your report will be usually available within a few hours, however on some occasions, it could take 24 to 48 hours.


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