Predictive Eye Tracking

You have 4 seconds to catch your visitor’s attention.
Do you know what they see?

Know­ing where vis­i­tors look when vis­it­ing a web­page helps cre­ate a more effec­tive and prof­itable web­site and is bet­ter for the view­er. Eye track­ing allows us to see where view­ers look when they see a web page. A good eye track­ing study can reveal a lot about a design. That’s why we use eye track­ing to ana­lyze sites.  The down­side is that a typ­i­cal study requires 40 or more par­tic­i­pants and prices start at around $1,500.

Pre­dic­tive Eye Track­ing uses algo­rithms devel­oped by ana­lyz­ing over 30,000 actu­al eye-track­ing stud­ies. The results are com­put­er gen­er­at­ed stud­ies that pre­dict actu­al eye-track­ing stud­ies with over 90% accu­ra­cy. This can help pro­duce web­site designs that out-per­form oth­er websites.

How It Works.

Heatmap for the CKI Digital homepage

In an actu­al eye-track­ing study, we hire 40 par­tic­i­pants and show each per­son a web­page for 4 sec­onds. Sen­sors watch where their eyes look and the com­put­er gen­er­ates an over­lay image that shows the most gazed upon parts of the screen depict­ed with warm col­ors (like red) while it shows the areas not noticed as much with cool­er col­ors (like blue). This is called a heat map.
Pre­dic­tive Eye Track­ing shows the same heat map for­mat. This one, how­ev­er, is an AI-gen­er­at­ed pre­dic­tion of where peo­ple will look.

Get a Predictive Eye Tracking Study and find out what visitors see when they visit your homepage.

Order your pre­dic­tive eye track­ing study and get a bet­ter under­stand­ing of how peo­ple see your web­site. Your report will be usu­al­ly avail­able with­in a few hours, how­ev­er on some occa­sions, it could take 24 to 48 hours.


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